This section of my website outlines my interests in process. If you wish to keep up to date with all new content please follow me on INSTAGRAM.

SSS I'm starting to learn about skin and sub-surface scattering, and so this is a basic test using an HDRI, some perfect materials, and a 3d scanned hand.  

SHOWREEL I've put together a selection of CG works (commercial / non-commercial) that I've been working on. 

SCULPTURE Light sculpture design incorporating a mirror finished machined metal cone & LEDs, in which the mirror optically unwraps the Canowater can label.

IMAGE BASED LIGHT CAPTURE - I'm interested in developing an accurate way of rendering foliage, and have designed and built a scanning rig for capturing textures.  The leaf renders below show the first test material, along with specular, normals, and displacement.        

PARTICLES - This is a particle test using objects from the virtual installation of Chasing Demons in the Night, and to be developed into a new image based series.   


LEAVES - I've been teaching myself how to build realistic foliage as part of a commercial commission.  The test image below is a CG cannabis plant built using GrowFX, 3dsMax & Corona Renderer.


ANIMATION - A collaborative animation that explores light installation in the virtual.  Lighting in the hallway was achieved by simulating the appearance of a wall projection. The virtual objects used in the animation are displayed beneath the video.  


CG ENVIRONMENTS - The test animations below were produced as part of a collaborative project, and aim here being to understand how a particular quality of light could be achieved in the virtual environments.

NEW WORK - This 3d scan that appeared in my latest installation for BDF x BSF.  It was produced in both RealityCapture and Photoscan, with further details added in 3dsMax.  The tri-poly mesh was left high resolution to reveal maximum detai, and the material applied replicates the aesthetics of an electron microscope, alluding to the idea of another world.  

COLLABORATIVE ANIMATION - A new collaborative animation produced with Jules Malcomson, the visuals for which accompany a track by ThisisDA.  The wire mesh keyboard symbols were built in Rhino and imported into 3dsMax.     

3D RENDERS - Looking into the science behind light to unravel the potential of photographic data...  In this image I was able to recreate height information and completely relight the scene to alter the direction of the shadows.  The CG cubes show how the materials react realistically to the virtual geometry.  


PHOTOGRAPHIC RELIGHTING TEST - An advanced technique I've been testing that enables me to completely relight a photograph after it has been taken.  The video below demonstrates how it's possible to mix light on the fly, resolving issues that would be impossible to fix if retouching.

SCULPTURE - New light sculpture design starting to come together, with initial designs built in Rhino, and then the object then routed out of block Aluminium.  The fixture is illuminated with LEDs which pass light along a perspex rod.

NEW INSTALLATION TESTS - Kaleidoscope tests bringing virtual designs into the real world ahead of a virtual gallery installation I have planned.