September 2017 - PHOTOWORKS - Interview about my latest installation of Casting Out the Self shown during Brighton Digital Festival.

October 2017 - BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Interview about what I've been up to since winning the International Photography Award 2014

August 2016 - EPEA - Interview with European Photo Exhibition Award about the project Casting Out the Self  produced as part of a commission

April 2016 - WANDERING BEARS - Interview about my experience of winning awards

March 2016 - KONBINI - Interview focused on my project Casting Out the Self and my interest in DMT

November 2015 -AXISWEB - Interview outlining my interests in digital media 

July 2015 - THE PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY - Interview as part of Fresh Faced Wide Eyed

June 2015 - ART BASE AFRICA - Interview relating to my solo show at TJ Boulting and my project Under the Influence