PHOTORESEARCHER: Text by Lucy Soutter Expanded Photography: Persistence of the Photographic

EPEA #03: Text about Casting out the self by Sérgio Mah - curator, and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon 

1000 WORDS MAGAZINE: Text by Lucy Soutter focused on the production of Under the Influence that showed at TJ Boulting & Oonagh Young Gallery

PHOTO WORLD MAGAZINE: Extract of an article by Lucy Soutter published in the Chinese magazine concerning the 'Expanded Field of Photography'

THE GUARDIAN: Text by Sean O' Hagan in response to the solo show Under the Influence 

AMERICAN SUBURB X: Text by Brad Feuerhelm

THE LONDON OPEN: Catalogue text accompanying the work shown at Whitechapel Gallery  

UNCERTAIN STATES: Text by Ángel Luis González Fernández (founder of PhotoIreland) on Under the Influence

ENDS MEET: Text by Pascale Cumming Benson which accompanied Under the Influence

ARTLYST: Text by Paul Black Immersed In The Consumer Reliquary, a response to Under the Influence

AFTER NYNEThe stasis of hyperreality which keeps us looking, a response to Under the Influence

XXZ MAGAZINE:  Annachiara Biondi responds to The Conversation

IT'S NICE THAT: Text by Emily Beber - Photography: Staged, or authentic? 

ART BASE AFRICA: Interview with Martina Olivetti about Under the Influence

ARTSY EDITORIAL: Religious Iconography For the Modern Age - K. Sundberg

DESIGN OBSERVER: Text about Under the Influence by Rick Poynor, founder of Eye and co-founded Design Observer

EMAHO MAGAZINE: Text responding to Under the Influence

BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Text responding to Under the Influence

THE THERAPEUTIC REAL: A download link to my MA thesis looking at new kinds of realism  

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Religious Fanatics Lose Themselves Speaking In Tongues - text in response to The Conversation

HYÈRES 28E: Q&A with Raphaëlle Stopin




Dominic is a London based visual artist and graduate from the Royal College of Art





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