THE ANOINTING WATER VERSION 1.0                                                                                                                                                                                                  Oonagh Young, Dublin, Ireland, 2015

//// CGI walk-though of the virtual gallery interior

The eponymous centrepiece of The Anointing Water Version 1.0 exhibition at the Oonagh Young Gallery in Dublin is a non-lens based visualisation produced as part of Under the Influence exhibition at T J Boulting in London.


The 2d image from the London exhibition was used to create a 3d object, which, in the manner of a reverse trompe-l’oeil, was installed within a recess in the gallery wall lit to give the illusion that the viewer was looking at a 2d image projected on to the wall. The aim of the installation was to expand upon the concept of ambiguity, integral to Under the Influence, and to achieve this through a play upon realism within the traditions of the visual arts. The behind the scenes images below show a lighting test prior to the exhibition installation, the building of the recess and an installation shot of the finished work. 

To further explore ideas of ambiguity and reality the installation shots from the physical exhibition were used to create a virtual instantiation of The Anointing Water Version 1.0 exhibition, including works not included in the physical instantiation and a subtly reconfigured gallery space. The ‘original’ installation shots were then, as far as possible, removed from circulation. However, virtual traces of the physical exhibition linger both online in press articles and instagram feeds, and in the memories of the visitors.

//// Interactive 360 panorama of virtual gallery

//// CGI walk-though of the virtual gallery interior

//// CGI installation shots of the virtual gallery interior.